I'm all about posting whenever. Haha, it's always so sporadic too. When I update over here about my life, it's always some change in one form or another. I'm very proud to be at least consistent with that. I constantly juggle with a lot of thoughts, whether I should-- pour all my needs to express myself via writing on this blog or YouTube. First world problems, I know. But let's get real for a moment. With all the sad news going around, we all actually need some form of outlet to release all these thoughts that drain our sense of needing to do something. Or rather, "prove something" to feel that you're doing your part in this world to know your worth.

I know we're all bombarded with updates, photos, information, and the like. Imagine having to carry all that with you and then snap back to your reality alone with your thoughts. It's overwhelming. We have to constantly battle for people's attention, whether online or.. offline. That's our culture that we've adapted to. I remember the time when we updated ever so often to just let people know where we're at so they could tag along. Or post pictures, so a year from then we'd be reminded to catch up to find some new adventure to go to.

Well, that's the thing. Change is bound to happen, in every corner, every moment, and every second. It doesn't really wait for us to adapt. It goes along with the time finding ways to make a lot more things accessible. There are good things to technology too, let's not forget, it gave us apps to cater to directions, getting  rides, and even ecommerce for people who are just at home, and more. It needs to progress, evolving to be easier to use with more info instantly. It got so easy, we would use it also to entertain ourselves with endless memes. It's meant to be addictive. There's so much proof about that, just search it on Youtube.

I'm a big fan of social media, I get to see so much of my friends that are doing fine. I also get to see a bunch of cat videos too. I want to get into the whole update my life constantly, but I can't be bothered to do that, because I'm simply lazy. And, I kept a journal since I was 7-years-old. I stopped writing longhand for a while now, because I wouldn't want to keep piling on some notebooks I keep filling up.. to see endless cringe-worthy notes of my rants. Oh, the things you say when you are young. I get a lot of moments too that I feel so.. in tune with the world and get extremely melancholic about existence. I write about that too. poetic kuno. 

Eh. I'll probably write and vlog time and time again. I will have no problem with that.. unless you know. I find some other thing that'll keep my creatively busy. I've been reading novels and watching Minimalist videos. And, that's just what keeps me content. No worries or stress. It's all about self-awareness too, telling yourself to know what's enough for you, and knowing what else will make you grow and go for it. There will be endless of tips and tricks to be better, and advice to take note of. But to be able to have the life you want. You have to know what you want. Then you'll find ways to get there. Well that's it for now. See you around, take care always. Ciao!

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