Heroes Don't Always Wear Capes

This is true though, yes it's such a cliché but here's the story based on what happened to me this past month. It's about to go ~personal~ 

My Heroes came out just in time to save the day from my Villains. There are so many things that could drag me down, some negativity just lingering in my life. It's sometimes often, I don't have a clue who the antagonists are because they hide it well until the plot thickens. The days drone on and on and I feel like I'm sinking deeper and I don't have a clue, or I'm choosing to be blind to it. Sometimes, these villains are confusing emotions, they don't have a voice but they could bring darkness into your life. They aren't necessarily the type who would bring you dismay but are misdirected and needs something to sway its ways.

Sometimes, the villains are thoughts, they come and go as they please, leaving with them the peace as a souvenir of conquering your inner space. It feeds on these lights of hope within seeking all the goodness to fulfill its appetite for attention. To nourish itself until it balls up and spins and spins and never ends.

Even if we dare to deny it, sometimes villains could be disguised as ~friends~. We try and try to see the light, and we still do continue to shine over it with compassion. Although, sometimes we fail to see that a friend is not a friend when they wish ill upon your dreams. It's true they don't discourage you, but they secretly don't wish you well with hopes that you'll remain where you are, saying to themselves, you'll never get very far. It sometimes is the pretentious caring, which is misleading because it's a silent tearing, of curses and jests behind your back. Honestly, I never dared speak about these people who don't mean me well, I silently understand what it could mean to be in their place. It lacks passion, needs creativity, but it's drowned out by hate. It's a challenge to change that sooner before it's too late. Honestly, I don't want to rhyme but it forces itself back and it's giving me a hard time to complete my thought. I'm not saying, that I am a perfect friend too, but somehow I feel like I have so much to offer to all those who say they are my friends. It's just they have other things in mind, like gossip, humble brags, and other useless sht. I somehow can't stomach them any longer but I know I'll forgive them, we're human. I just need to know, that they aren't really my friends.

Why? Maybe I could just be a little dramatic over this, maybe it's just me being a diva? But no. If a person truly wants to be your friend, they would care. They would not talk about you behind your back about all the wrong things you've done. They would not just have you around because they could get free rides or food. They would not just bring you to their friends just to show them they could control you. These people try to put themselves on a pedestal to show how they could power-trip on you. I have agreed to this behavior, and it's my fault for allowing it to happen.

It's the most darnest thing too. Out of all the villains, you didn't think that that would be the worst of them all. Well, life happens.

The Heroes always arrives at the right time. They are patient and will listen to when I was confused about all these different kinds villains, they gave me strength when I felt like I was too vulnerable. They give me hope to appreciate why these happen for whatever twisted reason. I will always be grateful for these special people in my life, because, no matter what comes my way, to cloud my being. I'll always look straight on, holding onto the symbols of courage and change. There are endless possibilities to make life a lot better. When I'm at my lowest, easily accepting and carrying all these dark, heavy, baggage, I take a glimpse of the vision of hope once again. There's always a new moment to change. No matter how stuck, no matter how deep the hole I'm in. I just have to remember. It'll be the driving force to go beyond self-pity, make a better life, and be a better person as well.

No matter how tough life is, when you're surrounded by the best quality people. You'll know things can only get better.

Thank you Heroes, I love you and appreciate what you do.

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