It happens everyday, we all have our doubts and we need the strength.. or sometimes motivation to get things back together. Lately, there have been so many distractions keeping us from doing what we want to do, and it's usually when we push for an ideal lifestyle without ~knowing~ the work put behind it. I admit, it's pretty tough not to feel down on your luck when we see that everyone has something going on in their lives, but that should not have been in your mind.

It's such a cliché to say focus on your own path. So, let's go with Gary Vaynerchuk's personal version. Love the process. What this means is we have to know, that we are constant with wanting and desiring. There will always be something we will want and need. So let's break it down into something we could see. I am not a perfect example to follow when it comes to this but I'm basing this off GaryVee, he says a lot of straight-forward truths that matter.

The process, it eliminates the comparison, it sets you on your personal journey. It means no what ifs, this is you pushing towards what you want. There is a big mistake when you look at other people for lifestyle inspirations because it doesn't create this vision that YOU are in it. Am I making sense? It means, you have to see yourself doing that lifestyle, you have to see yourself working all through those effort and time put into it. Somehow, maybe it have a lot to put on luck sometimes to speed that process but remember, the end goal is you want to see yourself doing these. There aren't overnight successes, just a lot of terribly long hours and hustle that we don't see.

There is a perseverance to push yourself to want it enough that you'll sacrifice the comfort of fun, weekends, etc. if you want to accomplish what you want. Why do we feel drained when we feel we aren't doing enough? We want so many things by just checking out what others have. We don't know how long they have waited for that, or how long they have worked and saved up for it either. It doesn't concern you at all. If you want to gain something, invest in yourself.

Like he said, it took Gary his whole 20s of hustling to get to where he is right now. He was patient about it, he cherished the work he was in. It wasn't an 8-5 thing, it was more of 7AM- 2AM, he made himself through those long hours and it was a lot worth it.

Sometimes, we feel we have setbacks, but what are we doing about it. What are we doing to achieve these goals we have? Are we just on Instagram creeping and liking photos? It doesn't mean to drop everything, but to moderate these to your advantage to get to where you need. Gain the experience, learn the knowledge, use that wisdom.

It takes a lot of motivation, but no one is after your goals like you are. Make yourself your personal cheerleader. Everyone would have a lot to say about how you do things, but what matters is you have to live with the decisions you make. Make an investment in yourself, no need to be flashy, use what you can to keep going through to your aspirations.

Stop peering off that ledge, figure out what you gotta do and do it.

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