Cute Coupley Things

Let's start off with I'm super cheesy, and I like to make fun or laugh about the little random things that could come my way. I, myself am already a fan of taking photos so why not turn it up or down a notch and go make fun of ourselves with a gaudy studio pic. I adore the background motif and the editing isn't quite bad. The winner is both our attitudes that win this altogether. We were game to bust out the lamest poses.

The photo session gave us each a copy of 8R, the photo in the frame, 2 3Rs and 4 wallet sizes. There were 4 poses to choose from our silly antics. I chose this for my 8R because it was serious and sweet but not really. We aren't really that cheesy to be honest. I couldn't stop laughing when we finally got our copies. The look on our confused faces say everything.

This is something we're going to look forward to, I got this as a gift from my aunt and what a treat to just relax. Anyway, this one is a nice treat because it means we get to use the facilities like the steam room and bath before we get our massages! I've done this with my girls, and it was amazing!

Another cute couple-y thing was to make a mini album of us using the instax share sp-1. There's a new one out with a brighter colors and finer details retailing for about 9,999 Pesos in any photo store. I don't mind this because it's just as good and the colors and details are okay. I still have about 20 more films to go through. This investment is great for making a collection of all the moments you have. It's more convenient than bringing the camera because here at least you could edit the photos you want and see how it looks like before you print it!

Now, let's go to basics. We all know that this is like a must. Ze Couple Shirt. It's cheesy, it's funny, and it's a reminder of how we look like we're somehow on a game show as a team. Well, in all fairness, we are a team, and we were up and at it for the activities for the day.

Next is to go someplace to watch something you both are interested in. We love to laugh all the time, so one weekend Charlon surprised me with tickets to an event by UST collaborating with Comedy Manila. I couldn't help how I laugh at everything! All the jokes sold on me, it's so easy to make me laugh it's unreal. I am proud that there are Filipinos upping their game to bring Stand-Up comedy, great job to the organizers and Comedians! Can't wait for more of your shows.

Well, that's all for it now, we mostly just eat cheap but good food and milktea at Gongcha. We're a little lowkey with a little splurge! All that matters is you are doing these cute couply things with your forever. AYIEEEE sorry, last ko na yun. Until next time! :)

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