The 17 New Cat Lady Must-Haves 2017!! Or at least, my take on it.

I am so excited because lately, I've been totally obsessed (as usual) about looking for new things to have as tokens of appreciations, or professions of my love for these furry little minions. I have been scrolling at so many listicles, feeling the need to look for the perfect finds of all the cat-related things, to hoard in my room. This is the ultimate wishlist for crazed cat mommas out there, that I want to share because I think they're beautiful, and I'm happy to share these finds with you!

1. Mystery Cat LED Light

Myster 3-Modes Portable Silicone LED Night Lamp from Amazon

IT'S NOT ONLY THE FIRST THING YOU SEE IN THE MORNING! IT'S ALSO THE ONLY LIGHT YOU'LL EVER NEED! Lol. Honestly, if I would need something to look forward to as a evening ritual, I'm definitely going to want to cozy up and head to bed with this by my bedside.

2. Midori OJ Mini Magnet

Midori OJ Mini Magnets from Amazon
All cat parents out there know that we have the intense potential to collect all the tabby cats out there. Let's start small and collect these magnetic versions of them first shall we?

3. SojoS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses

SojoS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses from Amazon

When you leave the house with these stylish looking specs, you better watch out, like you got to put a tracking device on these baby's. Someone is going to try to snatch these because they are daaaamn fine. There are so many other colors to choose from but blue is just so nice and cool.

4. Cupshe Fashion Cat Sweater

Sweater weather whenever! I know it can be challenging to wear this because of our climate but it shouldn't stop us even at times be want to be low-key cause ~I love cats~ This is the type of sweater that I would mix-and-match over again.

Cupshe Fashion Cat Sweater $24.99

5. Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups or Baking Bowls

You're kitchen will be your next favorite spot to be at because you'll have the sudden need to learn how to bake because you have new ~baking tools~ to work with. I'm going to measure here and there, and everywhere! Let's get cookin'

6. Yunko Qute Cat Cup Mat

Let's see if you're babies would still knock off glasses of the table when they see this fine new upgrade as a reminder of how often we think about them. It saves your tabletops from those awful wet stains and these are easy to clean because they're made of silicon!

7. Cub Cat Ceramic Succulent Flowerpot

A sleek ceramic silhouette will be the perfect combo for your need to fit in the trend of owning a succulent or cactus. It will be a nice addition to your desk or a piece for putting by the window. **I tried taking care of a succulent before, and it's like the most low-maintenance plant out there and I still managed to shrivel it. I could use this for pen holders instead.

Cub Cat Ceramic Flowerpot $9.99

8. Post-it Cat Dispenser

If you're at work and you'll need a little reminder, this mini-mew would keep you company as you hustle at work. You need to get the job done, but why not with a little inspiration? I'm a big fan of leaving notes on post-its, I like saving quotes and leaving them out for me to read everyday.

9. Umbra Zoola Cat Ring Holder

You could trust a kitty for ~aggressively~ loving your hands with their paws, you could trust them with your tiny rings to be put away too! I don't have a lot of accessories but this is something I'd like to have by my vanity mirror.

10. GUND Pusheen Cat Plush

Does this look familiar to you? Surely it must because it is THE plush toy we see and use on messenger! This is for you so you may cuddle with it when your OG isn't in the mood for hooman interaction.

11. White Cat iPhone 5 Case

I have a Samsung S7, but I want to use this as reference if I find someone who prints smartphone cases. I am totally cool with it being white just as long as it has a matte finish. I am so sad that they don't make beautiful cases life these for the Samsung S7~ they favor the edge 7 :'(   BUT! I won't let that get my hopes down, I will find a printing shop that could offer me this wonderful possibility!

12. Cat Ring Buckle

I can't stress enough the importance of this ring buckle okay? Yes, it's cute but also~ I always scroll through Instagram before I go to bed, and I swear this is a life saver for me so I don't get attacked by my phone when I get drowsy. I wish I was able to find one of these before I had gotten a generic one from SM. I have a hunch they sell this in Greenhills, but checking out Lazada saves more time and effort.

Cat Ring Buckle Php733.74

13. Deathly Hallows Cat Tee

Deathly Hallows Cat Tee from Meowingtons

You know what the Deathly Hallows are, if not, I wouldn't know where to begin with you. Do yourself a favor and Google it, get up to date, and then grab your own graphic tee when you could finally own up to this perfection. These are the two best things in life put together next to coffee and bacon!

Deathly Hallows Cat Tee Currently SOLD OUT

14. Naughty Cat Crop Top

Naughty Cat Crop Top from Meowingtons

Cats. They're always mischievous aren't they? I'm a fan of minimalist design for casual wear. I don't mind wearing the same top over again if it speaks volumes of what I am passionately in love with. It's also a plus that this could go with almost anything when you mix and match it, so it's definitely a steal!

Naughty Cat Crop Top $14.90

15. Paws and Ears Cat Ring

Paws and Ears Cat Ring

This is out of the list something that I had to purchase right away! I have always wanted a back-to-back design style of ring. I would not get bored of these (I got two) because I'd be consistently rolling it over from side to side when I wear this! I'm not a big fan of wearing accessories but this one changed my mind after looking for a long while.

Paws and Ears Cat Ring $7.90 On Sale!

16. Hanging Cat Necklace

Hanging Cat Necklace from Meowingtons

This is something I would wear over plain black or white tees. This will look great as a statement piece with its subtle detail. Anyone who is familiar of what a cat is capable of knows what this position is about. They are very playful and there's nothing more that a kitty would love than grabbing on to things that may get the hooman's attention.

Hanging Cat Necklace $16.90 On Sale!

17. Pickles the Cat Phone Plugy

Pickles the Cat Phone Plugy from Meowingtons

We have our phones. We never let it go. Why pass up the opportunity to not have Mr. Pickles hang on to it too? So far, he and the tri-colored tabby Peanut are the only ones available since the black  furred Pepper is sold out. Let's grab on to these frisky ones before they get away too!

And that is it for now, we shall wait for more upcoming stuff soon to satisfy our feline obsession needs! I am waiting for these cat rings I got from Meowingtons and it has been an amazing journey because it has taken a while for it to finally arrive here in the Philippines! I will update soon! Meanwhile, hope you enjoyed reading this post and I'll see you next time! Miao~!

*Credits to Meowingtons the owner of the pictures and retailer of products that I featured on this blog.
**The prices stated above are mostly in dollars because they're are from abroad and could only be purchased in their converted rate.
***This is not a sponsored post.

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