Valentine's Day

It's more about the celebration of loved ones than a loved one. This holiday happens to also be my late grandmother's birthday. It serves a reminder that there are many definitions of love and we shouldn't limit its power. So, my family celebrates Valentine's day dinner to get together and remember that we are all here because of the love that started this all.

There are many opinions about love and its definitions, we forget that everyone has the choice to celebrate this day however they want to. It's the societal's pressure that has people checking for their pockets to scramble for flowers, chocolates, surprises and such. I think, maybe we could spend more time around people who matter to us and see what they are interested in. In those moments where you just observe you'll see what would make your lovelies happy. They may be showy, they'll gladly flaunt how proud they are about the surprise you have for them. They could be foodies, know what they would like to devour. They may just enjoy your company, make the time to make those a little more memorable. There are many ways to celebrate or recognize this hearts day, and it shouldn't make anyone be left unloved, even you have to show love to yourself.

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