OPPO F1s: Summer Destination

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Gusto ko ba mag-bakasyon sa Balesin ulit? OPPO!

My forever go to summer destination at least once a year is Balesin Island in Quezon Province. I have gone around the island taking the same gorgeous photos of the pristine beaches over and over again YET I still can't get enough.

It's clear why it is one of the most beloved destinations, because it is picturesque, in classy good taste, and a place where privacy and comfort is accessible. You could go around the whole island to see the different kinds of beaches there like Mykonos, Bali, St. Tropez, and much more! There are also several activities that you could indulge in like Paintball, Horseback riding, and Archery to name a few.

My favorite pastime would be jumping from the different Villas trying out the different delicacies! I could have Japanese or Korean dishes for breakfast, Greek for lunch, Crepes for a filling merienda, before I have Italian for dinner!

There's a certain joy in knowing that you could relax and freely roam around exploring the different styles of architecture and beaches. Eventually you'll be able to find that sweet spot where you could settle down and read a good book, or take a nap.

I like making memories with family and friends by staying by the pool area catching up about all the things we've missed while we were busy in the urban jungle. Siblings, Cousins, Aunts and Uncles, are all here for the laughs and bonding moments we'd never forget. It feels great to be able to cherish these memories without worry because we have all that we need right here!

So, thinking back, what would be the perfect addition to this already fantastic Summer Destination? Why of course, the OPPO F1s has all the tools needed for this perfect summer getaway! In the island, there is nothing you'd like to miss so it's very handy to have this in your must-haves because it is the ultimate SELFIE CAMERA EXPERT. Why? It sports a 16-Megapixel Front Facing Camera for starters! If I whip out this baby, I would not worry about wasting precious time because I know the photos I'll take will be fantastic to begin with. It has the selfie panorama that is perfect for those group shots when everyone wants to be up for that quick photo-op without leaving someone out. It comes with it's 5.5 inch screen for optimal viewing and it has a very sleek metallic design that holds quality internal software.

It works swift with a 3GB of RAM and a 64-bit processor so when you need to post a photo on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You could just as easily take Snapchats, IG Stories, and My Day without slowing down and missing a second. Having the option for dual sim and a memory card slot is optimal, because the island services signal caters to Globe, Smart, and Sun subscribers so you could contact anyone with ease. You'll be needing that extra memory because I could guarantee there will never be a moment a photo opportunity would be passed.

So, OPPO F1s, you are an ultimate lifesaver for summer getaways. It's especially handy with everything just a tap away! So am I ready for the summer? OPPO!

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