Best App to UP your INSTAGAME!

Have you ever wondered how do Instagram gurus get their feed to look super lit? I haven't been using Instagram for a while, but it helps to have awesome bloggers who tell their secrets. Well, honestly, aside from their eye for photography, they have this app called Preview and it could be used by either Android or iPhone devices!

What's cool about it is it gets you to layout your photos as if it were your Instagram gallery! Think about how gorgeous your feed would look like after this. Also, their app looks polished and is well thought out when it comes to user interface, in a few minutes you'll have all the knowledge to use the app inside-and-out. It's also wonderful that their Instagram account promotes helpful tips and features of #feedgoals that you might gain inspiration from.

I am using the Samsung Galaxy S7 and it works great without lag nor ads. You could load your photos from IG to the preview app to see how it would look on your current feed. It's easy to swap photos and move them around with their drag and drop feature. Also, there's a schedule notification so they could tell you when it's time to post, so you could plan your Instagram feed in advance :D ermergerd! Did I mention it saves your hashtags? And you could group those hashtags so you don't need to type them over each time!

By far, best find for 2017. I can't wait to ~perfect~ my feedgoalzz!

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