Walking With A View At UP Diliman

Lately, I've been walking with my Dad around UP Diliman campus just to accompany him. We used to go here often since it always had that dewy fresh smell and cool breeze at night. We stopped probably because of the summer heat that lingered on at night. But what matters is, we're back at it again!

This routine is mostly for the health part, we don't go hardcore and gym or anything. We just believe in eating a proper diet and keeping yourself mobile. It's also nice to just relax and enjoy the view too. What was surprising was how the campus remains the same but we could tell so much has changed as well. We couldn't help but admire the installation artwork there for the Christmas season.

I would say something about this piece but there wasn't anything written yet on its plaque. This is about 7 feet high and a meter and a half wide. Been taking pictures of my Dad here every time we went walking, kept saying that what I took was just slightly off :)) We ended up taking a photo again when we walked on an afternoon.

The Oblation decorated in all its glory, with the blue swirls going towards Oble adorned with red and white shells.

Up close.

College of Economics had this walk in garden homey decor.

College of Law, Malcolm Hall, brightly lit throughout the night.

University Avenue.

Boomerang of Malcolm Hall.


And more walking.

College Of Arts and Sciences, Palma Hall.

I prefer walking at night, it's a personal preference that I like to walk through the night. I could tire myself out a bit and just get ready to hit the sack. It lifts a weight off of me, like when I'm cramped up in my room filled with so many thoughts, I just keep writing without hesitation or judgement on my Journal. It helps me with my overthinking. I want to combat my nights of misery and make them productive instead, to make something out of it. So, appreciating the movement of my feet against the gravel, the breeze wafting through my face, and breathing in the fresh dewy air helps me stay in the present, tells me I'm safe, and I will be okay.

I could talk to friends, or my boyfriend hohoho, but there are some battles that I alone should conquer. I need to feel that I could have my little victories over those lingering darkness, and by doing something about it, I feel empowered. We could count on the people in our lives, but we also should know we could also count on ourselves.

It was nice to be back to see how much UP has changed, and stayed the same. I miss all the stress this part of my life gave me, but I want to thank it every time, because if it weren't for that, I wouldn't be who I am today.

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