Our Search For Persian Cuisine: AZOR

Every weekend, I really have something new and something constant going on-- this almost LDR situation with Charlon. We don't exactly have the same plans over that we follow, because we usually plan just a few days of hinting of whose turn is it to go over NLEX. I honestly prefer going to Pampanga instead of him coming over to Manila, but I don't always like driving, and no one wants to see me take the bus. We just like to keep our plans spontaneous, and it can only work if we think ahead of the traffic, or it will be a real bummer.

After work vibe, ready to eat dinner! I didn't mean to bother you at work, I was willing to go around SM Clark for a while but you insisted. Woops. Haha!

We were craving for sushi as soon as I met up with him that afternoon like it was meant to be. He said that we definitely have to go back to try Jiro Izakaya Sushi Ramen Restaurant since we were late the last time. I think he looks legit Japanese sometimes I don't know if I have a thing for foreigners. Charot. 

Charlon ordered the Tantanmen and it was spicy, because we like to torture ourselves with delight that way.

I am a safe potato, I only order things that I'm familiar with so I got the Katsudon. I am not a big fan of Ramen because it doesn't give me that full feeling I want. So, it's all about those white carbs for me everyday.

This Spicy Salmon Temaki is just enough for one person, and it's refreshing to the palate. It's too bad they didn't have Tuna, this fills your mouth with that salty taste and just-hits-the-spot crunch. I just hoped this and the Volcano Roll came before our main dishes, because this is an appetizer.

The Volcano Roll, this came in last on our order list, and it is a hefty 8 mouthful of pieces. I was able to only eat 3! This is one of their best sellers, and I can only say, it's worth every peso. It has mayonnaise and it's probably why I got overwhelmed because I'm not a big fan of too much mayo. But, anywho, this is a must when you visit this resto in Angeles. Here's the link of Jiro Izakaya Sushi Ramen Resto on TripAdvisor.

We also went to Azor Restaurant in Angeles City, because we love our Persian cuisine.

Shawarma Platter and it's only for PHP100

Lamb Kabsa for PHP350

The serving could be good for 4 people!

Beef Kubideh with Basmati rice for PHP280 the meat is tender and juicy, I'm happy that it isn't even dry on the inside. Yum!

We had the place all to ourselves.

You could Hookah inside for PHP250

Here are the deets.

Specials and prices!

Address and contact details! I suggest if you're going to use Waze, search Norma's Exchange. It's just right across from it!

Our weekends aren't always about eating out so much, we usually just hang around in a coffee shop and talk about ideas and games and videos that we watch on Youtube. Well, that's a normal weekend for me nowadays. Any suggestions for new restaurants we could try in Angeles? Let me know! :)

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