Never Regret Being A Good Woman, to a Bad Man. It's His Loss

As a woman, I have been in love, I have felt heartbreak, and I have definitely felt remorse.

There are quite many tales of the colorful love lives that we are dealt. We share stories of our first loves, our what ifs, and those that we feel we were better off without. We playfully reminisce about the good and the bad still hopeful of the possibilities of a great love in the future.

We smile our biggest smiles, not worrying about how wide and fearless our grins appear. We dare to speak our minds with careless delight. We defy our inner demons by laughing at them to their face. We become empowered to know we hold the reigns of our horse wearing our very own shining armors.

We can look at any man straight in the eye to prove that we're transparent. We are human, we have soul and fire to keep our powers. We are more than just our faces. We are eternal then we're fleeting. We are anything you can dream to be!

We have had so many cases of being crazy, without a doubt I felt that too. We are triggered, we are manipulated, we don't know which way is true. We have to be this, we're too much of that, who the hell cares we're about to crack.

Our inner selves shatter, so we pick them up, ticking the pieces that seem to count. We draw out our lines that no one can cross, peering over once, or twice hoping that someone would mount.

We have our stories, we all share of loss and betrayal, we trusted those but only keep in denial.

We have seen, our fellow ladies go through variations of deceit, we were there for each other, we felt for each other's intrigue. 

I have seen those who swore out love entirely and that is a lonely path to lead. I have also seen brave souls, who met their the perfect match so they're freed.

There are so many women, who would choose to battle their thoughts and doubts to just be able to try again. To love, accept love, give love, and it doesn't matter when.

Sure, we will always. Always. Have our moments. Where we'll lash out, feel rotten, and unpretty with our anger. But that's a part of our being, we should not be ashamed of feeling.

We can't be perfect, we can't also expect perfection. After all, isn't being better part of our progression? Ladies, it's okay to feel the injustice, but we have to cut some slack to those *ahem* foolish men cause they're trying.

Yes, we could experience that same darn old heartbreak story we've been used to. Of being cheated on, left for, and emotionally abused. The difference is, don't let you lose yourself along the way. You learn to distinguish the good men from those who are not. You shouldn't turn lazy and just pick from the lot. It's time you step up, set your foot down on the ground. If ever you felt mistreated, abused, or oppressed, then just say to him, "I'll see you around."

You are not defined by how people treat you. Always remember that, give what you can give. I'm just saying, our choices matter, but the rest is up to God, but we got to risk chances, if we truly want to live.

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