Life Is Too Short For Bickering

"There isn't time, so brief is life, for bickerings, apologies, heart burnings, callings to account. There is only time for loving, and but an instant, so to speak for that." - Mark Twain

I remember when I was younger, and definitely immature, I've always believed that I should trust all my emotions and my gut. For whenever I would feel slighted, I must call out any hurt that was done to me. I wasn't afraid to speak hurtful words just so I could return that same intensity of emotions. I was irrational with my actions and behaved poorly to those I cared for.

It was later on when I first fell in love, that I would soon know that I had to change that to be who I am molded to today. I could describe him with utmost vanity but let's stick to most of the good things he had to offer that made me think differently about relationships.

He taught me it was okay to cry
I hated showing emotions. I hated to show that I had lost an argument when I started to cry. I hated that I could be wrong too and that I had the power to change how I am and make things right again. A moment to feel vulnerable brings back humanity in our hearts and it shouldn't be hardened to block out feelings, because hurt is a part of being alive, and hope is what we need to make it better.

He taught me it is good to trust
Seeing the good in people, to trust their potential to be better, to have a sense of faith in the things you do not yet see. It's okay to open up to people, to be unashamed of who you are and trust them to accept you for all your flaws.

He taught me to respect different opinions
The world changes people and gives everyone a unique experience of living this world. We don't know what goes on in someone's home, what happened to them in their childhood, and school life before they are shaped to the person they are today. We could judge everyone that we should know better by now, we should not be blinded by our past. We simply move on. It is way easier said that done. Our suffering carries on in our present so we know how we would like to live our future. The only difference is, we shouldn't let it dictate how we want our lives to unfold.

He taught me to be spontaneous
And this is a big part of my life until today. I became more fun, I learned to go with the flow and think on my feet when it comes to enjoying myself. Overthinking about fun, isn't really going to end up being fun at all.

He taught me all good things come to an end
And, we broke up because we were young and we didn't seem to grow with each other anymore. We were teenagers, going into college changes the whole ball game. He was brutally honest with me and I respected that, even if he had played me towards the end. It happens. I bawled my eyes out for a long time before I learned it only means better things are going to come.

It may seem like a real stretch, that all those good will only amount to a terrible end, but now looking back, I don't see it that way anymore. I learned all the things that I can work with, and all those that I will not accept. I learned that it takes a lot of compromising, and communication for relationships to work. I don't mean it just for romantic ones, but for all the people that we keep in our lives. It seems easier to open up to new acquaintances because we could say as much as we want without fearing about being interrupted or prejudiced.

For the longest time, I was simply happy being on my own, and time after time someone would come along and make me feel like I am worth it. I wasn't always ready, but I gave it a shot. Eventually things just don't work out because there were things that I knew weren't good for me. I never waited for someone to come, they just simply do.

And odd enough, I didn't know that the best was just around the corner. Sometimes, he says that he's so lucky to finally have me in his life, but I think that's not quite as true as having him in mine. We could find all the things wrong and things that annoy us, but gladly we are okay with talking it out. Despite all our flaws and idiosyncrasies, we make sure to make ends meet by understanding more about each other when we get the chance. We all have our own ways of getting through misunderstanding, but what matters most is there's a mutual devotion to wanting to make it work.

Thanks Charlon, you made my life much more beautiful.


A good life is built with good relationships. Life is too short to focus on all that doesn't make us light.

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