CSGO is Life

When I'm not in the mood idling my time away watching YouTube videos, pinning on Pinterest or catching up with friends, I indulge myself in some Counter Strike: Global Offensive. On most nights, I prefer watching Charlon simply play Competitive, hopefully he has had a few good runs than.. this one. Haha... Who's the Master Guardian 1?

I don't know why, but playing video games help me calm down, but also frustrates me when I start getting crushed. Charlon made me download this Workshop that helps me with my aiming and spray patterns for different types of guns.  He and his cousin even got me to play Compet, and it's not in my nature to join such because I panic! IT WAS HELLA FUN THOUGH.

I like how PC games are convenient to purchase and update now because of Steam. Honestly, even more so easier to find ways to play because it's easier to set up with the tutorials and how-to's available online. All you need is the basic knowledge on how to install and viola!

Sometimes, I wonder if my life would just amount to just living a basic day. I feel like I should be doing more, because I have to take control of my direction but another part of me just says I am enough and I need not worry or think too much. What's really confusing is, I want to contribute something big, something that changes lives, something inspiring and good. The distractions of interests and hobbies get to me and I feel like I'm getting sucked into a never ending cycle of spending on things that don't mean anything after a while.

It seems like there is so much happening and I can't catch up with what's going on, and what I could do to help add to the world. Right now, I'm listening to music from my iPod Classic and it's nice to calm down to hear music that I downloaded from 8tracks. Oldie but goodie. I remember when that was the ultimate music streaming website before Spotify made it big.

I feel restless going into the night. I feel like I have to be someplace else all the time, and I have to catch up. For what? I really don't know. Maybe, it's really time to grow up, go into a new chapter in my life and take new responsibilities. I need to lift myself up and bring something fresh to work on.

I'll figure it out.

For now, I need to get back to the game.

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