Another #WheresFrankiePh Trip: Batad & Hundungan Rice Terraces

Total support to my friend who travels for a living! Keep up the good work Frankie! Check out his Pages and YouTube Channel! Wait up on his pages for Travel information and Trips he has planned for the year.

I've been going on his trips since 2015, and they are always fun and memorable. He brings in people from all walks of life to get together and just enjoy the places our Motherland Pilipinas has to show.


So, Hundungan Rice Terraces and Batad was our last trip for 2016, I forgot that I was afraid of heights as I was crawling slowly by the ledge.

But, I will never forget the peace I felt just by looking at this spectacular view. I always say that about all the places I've been to, but really, when you see nature, at first you'd probably be thinking, is this what nature smells like? But after all that, you really appreciate that this is so much more than just looking at photos of the place.

This is what I meant for ledge, when you fall, you only have the ledge of another level to catch you, and it's filled with water and mud. It is not for the clumsy for faint hearted.

Interviewing the Tour Coordinator for the Daily Dose of Normal vlog.

Preparing for the Cultural Show.

Kids gathering up after their traditional dances.

Breakfast with a view here at our Inn in Batad. The cold weather and beautiful view making it perfect.

This is around 6AM with just the woosh of the breeze and chirps of birds.

This was the morning trek of our tour, the weather was on our side, it was very bright and not cloudy. Bring lots of water!

Tappia Falls.

Overall, it was exhausting. It is always worth it for me, it would not be something I'd regret no matter how tired I'd be. I highly recommend exercising for trips like these though. Hehe. 

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