A Social Problem

I go through these phases a couple of times a year, where I just want to keep away and be alone. I just want to be in the company of my negativity and misery, and it drains me so much. I wonder why I succumb to that darkness in me. I always knew to never wallow in my despair, and yet I indulge in those demons to get that fix that I think that I deserve.

It's in that pain where I feel vulnerable. I am at my raw state of humanity. I am blinded by all the "reality" that social media has to offer. The drama pulling me closer to the need to create some chaos in my days and nights. The fabrication of all the things we see brainwash the lost souls longing for a purpose-driven life. To be acknowledged with importance that I too have a life worth being *liked* for.

When did we deduce that our life's currency is based on the amounts of lurking acquaintances and strangers upon us? It's not to suggest that we should retract ourselves from freely expressing and broadcasting a portion of our lives. I believe there is so much more depth to a person's life than just a scheduled announcement of it.

There is so much good to be seen, and it's actually a better alternative than that of the crazed and dark margins of our personal abyss. Some prefer to create relatable content through a witty meme, and people chuckle at the truth it bears subliminally pinching at what's taboo to even think or speak about. There's really not much of a solution to all these information that comes to us daily by the second. It's only the principles around it that we could extract some sense of distorted knowledge.

Honestly, my phases of looming in my sorrow are the probable effects of shutting myself out. It's a battle cry to resist the temptation to seek justice through wielding my keyboard privilege. The irony, I know. A long talk on the phone with a friend has been long outdated since the convenience of instant messaging. The options of a list of friends we could reach out to, minus the rapport and courage we need to get the ball rolling to start a meaningful conversation.

Social media has never been the problem. Neither the people. So, why do we create one just to forge an acceptable answer to all the things we do not understand?

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