Been Wanting To Do This For A Month Now!

I have wanted to color my hair gray for a month already! It was a battle of between doubt and fear. I was cautious that it might look like crap on me so I had to push away the thought of coloring my hair for a while. Pinterest was the source of this idea, and it took a while to finally get going and just do it. I could just color it back if it didn't work anyway!

This was the first day. Bleaching takes up a lot of time. I was sitting for 4 hours just to get it blonde, and even then it needed one more layer of bleach before I could go put gray over it.

That's when I settled for the blonde for the weekend. It was already late and I was the last person at the salon. To be honest, I didn't really like to leave it at that, but my aunt has recommended someone to come over to the house and do it already. Blonde, even though people like it for me, wasn't for me.

Tried on Snapchat filters, I really like it gray.

See how sad I look?

Trixie did a great job! This was exactly the gray I was aiming for. Yes, there are still hints of blonde at the tips of my hair, but it would have needed another layer of bleach, this Ombre look still does justice to what I wanted to achieve! It has that soft look and my hair is not brittle at all! Times have changed so much since the days of ultradry bleached hair. So I was told not to wash my hair for 2 days and to favor conditioner more than shampoo is a must. I don't mind not using shampoo, because I only use it to contradict the oiliness of the conditioner's effect on my scalp. If my hair smells okay, I usually leave it for a day, and my hair looks its best a couple of days without product on it.

So, my eyebrows had to be bleached too, it looks brown but it was preferable to its original bold black look. I now have great light hair to work with! Braids are going to be much more noticeable too. I have to remember to maintain this by constantly putting on treatment every couple of weeks or so. Right now, I'm just enjoying the weather on a lazy hump day. I really adore colored hair, if you want to get your hair done, go for it! Go as wild as you can while you can you know? Until next time! :*

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