Thoughts: The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

When I first saw this book, I drawn to the color and its mysterious title. It was pretty straight-forward and it was refreshing to see a book about, tidying. After browsing the quick summary of the content at the back, I couldn't help but leaf through the first chapter. It was magnetic, her story and how she connects the physical things to our mental state. I however didn't get the book that time, because I was just passing time before meeting with friends for dinner.

It wasn't until a couple of months have passed before I heard about it again.

This was because I was going to meet a friend over coffee, when he called me up, to say he would return the books I lent him for a passion project. He told me he read this book that made him want to de-clutter and only keep things that spark joy. I was excited to hear it, because seeing inspired people inspire me to want to do the same and share that moment too.

So, essentially he gave me a thorough and accurate summary of the chapters of the book. I knew he would because he's as intelligent as he is passionate creatively. I am proud to say that we were even on the same page with kindness. It involved the latest rendition of Cinderella's movie quote, "Have courage and always be kind." I can't wait for him to organize that -- let's call it movement. More on that when I get in touch with him again.

I was influenced to finally get a copy of my own, and I was drowned with revelation for every chapter I finished. The road to understanding its contents were like talking to a long time friend. It was refreshing to learn something new, yet there was a comfort that feels familial. The author, Marie Kondo has her way with expressing herself in a friendly way. Even as she explains how she had studied techniques, storage, and people for this unique opportunity to be a tidying consultant.

How she explains the order of how to tidy makes complete sense, going into greater detail to the emotional and mental psyche needed to discard and de-clutter. Following the book in specific order is crucial into slowly changing what you need, to live the life you dream of. As she said, tidying up isn't a tradition in the family or culture that can be taught down from generation to generation. So this serves as one of the first of its own kind. Unlike cooking, which has its own family tradition, tidying up is never really taught anywhere. There are many ways to store your items, but nothing like getting your life together by keeping only the things that matter.

She even believes following her steps could dramatically transform your life. By assessing what things that spark joy in your life, you discover what you really want to do. It gives you urgency and time to reflect on letting go. It subtly hints on growth and relying on your capabilities and courage to let in more beautiful things & memories now. To let go of memorabilia that no longer serve you happiness, you open up to a whole new ball game. She backs it up by saying, "one of the magical effects of tidying is confidence in your decision-making capacity,"

It's about learning what you can live without. You'll clear your mind from the unnecessary clutter, you'll sift through what matters, your life is simplified.

I honestly recommend this, it's a quick read and insightful. Her journey and tips and tricks will have you enlightened with a new perspective about being selectively sentimental.

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