Finished, Not Perfection.

I whipped out my Sony A5100 again, I haven't been really getting in-tune with my artsy side because I've been busy making great memories with this guy over here. I used my 50mm prime lens for its amazing Bokeh capabilities. I also had to make these go through Lightroom for minor tweeks like Exposure, Contrast, and Sharpness. I'll practice this more for Instagram and somehow I can't wait to get people who would like their Portraits taken, have to find some willing volunteers soon!

He likes vaping, and got me into it too. Honestly, I think this shot would look better if I had taken it from a lower angle but it looks fine just as it is.

I really like taking photos at night because I could really play with the color of the lights. It has its drawbacks though, a lot of grain or blur if I don't get to really compose the shot quite right.

And here I am, going back to painting. I haven't even gotten close to finishing the last one until today. I'm really inspired to make some more because my Mom and friends can't wait to see more. Also that they're asking me to make a special piece for them. I play with a lot of colors, the more bold and wild the better. I guess this was influenced by the music I was playing while I painted this. I was listening to Drake maybe? I won't promise to make a schedule for painting, I will just wake up in the morning and push for a canvas that needs some work to do.

When you have a dream, and you want to see yourself get that, take the steps to plan it out and make it a goal for yourself. There isn't any shame for aspiring something that people don't quite understand. If the unease of creating bothers you, only for the mere thought of not fitting in to your circle, it means you've outgrown what you've been doing and it's time to do something great.

If you're afraid of messing up, I know you're heard this all before somehow, somewhere. There's nothing more disdaining than regret. It's everyone's problem to fail, to face obstacles, and I won't bore you with the usual spiel. I watched several motivational videos about doing the things that you have always dreamed of but it never gets me far. Until this one video called Finished, Not Perfect hit me with the simple wisdom we need to keep doing what we need to do.

We know it, all the usual motivational quotes. We have the necessary tools to start, the problem lies in the need to perfect it before we even get started. Let's get in the moment, and start moving.

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