Finally You're Here

So, you think that things are starting to slow down,
growing steady by making love a noun.
I hate to break it to you but,
life's going to fly by quicker when you're around.

I will continue to be cheesy,
making sparks fly,
feeding the intimacy,
without having to try.

Demystifying the story of us as it unfolds,
we're still unaware of how our future holds.

Clueless of how this came to be,
I prayed for this years ago,
I waited, patiently.

Neither saw this coming,
and now you're here with me,
We try to make sense of the patterns,
but we just needed to wait and see.

We could hope and put this on us,
looking back at the steps making a fuss,
call it good luck, maybe even dumb luck,
all I know is, we are now officially moonstruck.

Crazed by the unknown,
and deranged from it all,
Looking back at that moment,
when I started to fall.

Flirting through our laughs,
we were building up grit to,
A wonderful connection,
That brought me to you.

I still feel this is unreal,
not believing the fantasy
because it's surreal.
I don't have to move,
cause you wipe my tear,
Finally you're here.

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