Over-Thinkers Should Have Hope, Even If It's Just A Little

Ahh, I have been stuck in an endless vortex of worries. I have the freedom. I have the means. I just don't have the initiative. Doubt causing immediate failure before anything ever begins. I have time in my hands, and I have the power to make something happen for myself. Yet, I would just rather stick to my routine of unproductive distraction seeking.

Scrolling through endless information without taking action is another way of saying, "I'm content with this." Getting a high from just knowing, by staying in the sidelines, and then complaining about nothing going on in my life. Honestly? you don't have to worry about having to do something. Not every second should you feel the need to prove yourself. There are so many factors that could play into this mind-games thing going on with each other. Too much, too little, or not anything at all can put you into a boundary of continuous judgement.

We've always dreamed of having the time to do whatever we want, and it has never been thought of to actually materialize. When will I ever have that luxury? Or is it a state of mind? Because we do have the 'time.' We just don't use it wisely because we seek the answers in places that bear similarity to force a symbol to resonate with ourselves. We look outside. We need the affirmation that we are acceptable. We heed everyone's every move. We create a paradox of whichever internal and external excuses we could think of.

And I'm stuck again. You know. Thinking about time passing by while I think these thoughts again. It's oddly a part of me that will probably take a day or a lifetime to change. I make my own stumbling blocks, but I'm also the creator of my very own stepping stones.

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