Must Places To See In Bohol!

A very spontaneous trip with one of my good friends for a quick summer getaway. We had the privilege to try out the Busai Monarc Floating Resto. even if it went by pretty quick -- an hour tops.

This is one of the fantastic views by the end of the tour, there were a lot of people swinging into the what I seem to guess a very cold lagoon.

This is the bridge bringing us to the Panglao area of Bohol. The sunset here is gorgeous with all the space and boats to just look over.

A visit to the Bee Farm is a must! The food is scrumptious with a variety to choose from, I would recommend the seafood, it's fresh. They also have a souvenir shop for local delicacies, woven hammocks, baskets, sandals, and more. If I remember correctly, they have the best Guyabano Tea don't let it fool you, it's healthy and organic. You could swim when you go to the port at the bottom and enjoy a couple of drinks and take a few selfies with the clear blue sea.

We checked in at the Henann Resort Alona Beach for the best experience ever. The design, accommodation and service are top notch. I highly commend this place for anyone whose vacation consists of drinking by the beach, island hopping, and tons of impressive photo-ops.

We indulged ourselves with a lot of Vitamin Sea every chance we could get. I tried to get my tan together, but to no avail, I ended up being maybe just a little bit toast.

Tarsier sanctuary was part of our bucket list, because this is where the famed little primate inhabits. I was so surprised that they are actually really small. I haven't the clue why I always assumed they were as big as Teacup Chihuahuas, they could be likened to rodents with their size! They are nocturnal and territorial, the tour instructs us to keep quiet so we don't disrupt their slumber. Also, they only produce one offspring at a time, which makes security very strict with the care of the Tarsiers.

Butterfly Sanctuary is one for the romantics. It's just so gorgeous and cheesy with all the different kinds fluttering by. You are allowed to take a lot of photos in the different sections of the sanctuary. You have a very witty tour guide telling you of all the facts you need to know about the cycles, care, and habitat.

Overall, the trip is one for the books. I would recommend anyone who has the heart for going to new places to go to Bohol and see the beauty it has to offer. Yes, I sound pretty cheesy right now about it and I am proud to have a little taste of experience I had from this island in the Philippines. I wasn't able to make a proper guide on booking, expenses and the like but much of the budget you'll need is 300/per person is more than enough for Entrance Fees. 1000/per person a day for food. I would recommend hiring a van for transfers and check out resorts around Panglao or Tagbilaran. To fly to Bohol, the airport is Bohol, TAGBILARAN. Note that, Panglao is at least an hour and a half away from the airport! Hope you'll be able to see and experience this soon!

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