I always notice the way you look when you are thinking,
somehow, it gets my heart sinking,
that tiny little detail that tells me,
What could it possibly be?
Your eyes look as if you are searching for,
something on the bathroom floor,
I call your attention to see,
But then you slowly look up at me.
My heart beats faster this time,
It helps me remember that you're mine,
You always give me that smile,
Like you haven't seen me for a while.
I am darned to have fallen for you so soon,
I'm feeling so quirky like I'm in a cartoon,
Jump after jump, I am about to swoon,
Tumbling down lower spinning like a fool.

I'm looking between the lines,
And I can tell that everything's fine,
I take a deep breath and know it's all right,
so come now closer babe, turn out the light.

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