Must Try When You Go To Bacolod & Ilo-ilo!

Going to Bacolod and Ilo-Ilo is such a great experience, and I sure can't wait for you to go there and give it a try! I will share my story on what I did on those two amazing places when I went for an event my friend organized!

Halo! It was my first time to set foot in Bacolod! and Ilo-ilo! I was exhilarated because I'm going someplace I've never been! The first stop of course was the Ruins, but I'll talk about Bacolod a little bit more later. The real reason I went on this trip was because my party girl friend is producing an event in Ilo-ilo. Her first leg for the series Revival begins in Ilo-ilo and will end in Bacolod. So, we made a stop at Bacolod to do some sight-seeing and a few meetings here and there.

My friend, Jill, was already booked for Ilo-ilo on the weekend and asked us in a group if we were game to follow because the Revival event's got us covered with hotels, transfers, and FOOD. I really had no plans on going because I know Jill was going to be buseh & all. AND THEN, our other friend suddenly blurts that she will be in Ilo-ilo for the weekend too. That's when I knew my fate was sealed. Jill asked if I was game to go drop by BCD because it's just a boat ride away from Ilo-ilo and take the flight home from there. She told me the food there was exceptional. So, yup Bacolod-- we go! 

Upon arrival, I have relatives telling me to visit some cousins that are in Silay. More on that later. I adored the overall ambiance of the Ruins. It was hot as an oven but it was breezy and refreshing. The Ruins have an official website! Click HERE!

It is truly a wonderful sight to visit, though nothing much to do but take photos or chill by a cafe. This would be perfect with my friends who like to just do coffee and play card games (exploding kittens).

It was such a nice sunny day, not much clouds. I looooove the sky! Hihi

Taking some photos before we head back because it's going to be a long way to the hotel. No traffic of course.

This is the cafe!

Now, this. This. I will terribly miss. I really love chicken. I could eat anything chicken all day! So why have I only tried this savory miracle just now? I love Mang Inasal, because, chicken. This puts all of the other grilled chicken to shame. Have I mentioned chicken too much? Jill brought me to this Manukan eatery right across from SM. Specifically Aida's. YASSS. I ate with my hands to really feel the goodness in front of me. I've always enjoyed eating without utensils, it's always flavorful... I wonder. It was cooked just right! The meat was tender and the middle wasn't under-cooked nor dry! It was PERFECTION! The java garlic rice and chicken oil only made it extra delicious and boy did it satiate my hunger.

Look at that beaut. There's one place like it and it's in Makati!

Oh, Calea. Sweet lovely Pecan Pie. Such a wonderful treat to have you across the street from the hotel we're staying! L'Fisher hotel.

I forgot what this is called. It's just goooooood! LOL, jk. Smores cheesecake!

Going for a dip before watching the dramatic sunset.

Gorgeous! And very picturesque, this was going to be a really memorable trip!

Paintings by local artists in Bacolod. This is in Homegrown! It reminds me a lot of Maginhawa. (Boutique restaurant district in Teacher's Village).

House Of Frida held a solo exhibition for Mr. Hilario Campos III on Dec 11, 2015. His art's main theme were locations in Bacolod and quirky sketches of animals or objects. The artist told me that his idea sprang from the concept of the train of thoughts of his experiences. Like, one time he was in McDonald's and he suddenly remembered a childhood memory about catching fishes which made him quite delighted at the randomness of its timing. He decided to put those particular moments in paper using pen & ink, and others with acrylic.

What caught my attention was the functional desk with a detailed personal touch of storytelling. So, he noticed how I was really looking into it and he approached me to tell me his story. He will have more exhibits to come! Also in Manila so do check him out on Facebook!

So, I got in touch with my cousins and it was the day I was going to be welcomed to their very awesome chill place in Silay! They call it Punong, Gary's Place. They were so sweet to pick me up at the hotel I was staying in quite early in the morning to bring me around for a couple of hours before I head on back to set sail for Ilo-ilo.

What's nice about this, it's family owned and they stay here for residence in Silay. Every Saturday, they open up for Lunch and Dinner (strictly reservations only) to serve 5 course meals. They are open to have the place rented for Pre-nup shoots and as a Wedding venue.

This is just one of the chill areas to hang out in at Punong. It gives me that Bali Vibe, yeah?

Hidden behind those trees is a Kasitas. Think of it as a villa type room! I was able to go around the general area because the place is pretty big, I didn't have time to spare. I was toured by one of my cousins, they made me do a little visitor tradition before I was dropped off back at the hotel!

Fast forward, we just arrived at Ilo-ilo via Fastcat. It was an hour and 30 minute ride. We met the rest of our friends here and the crowd was starting to come together. We were treated like guests the moment we arrived. I was so grateful for the accommodations! Thanks again Ilo-ilo sponsors for Revival you are lovely!

Right away you guys made sure we fueled up before we settled in our hotel! This was covered by the owners of the restaurant, which has a really talented cook! We had the place for ourselves for late lunch and boy was it such a nice cool day out. Like their Facebook page and eat here at...

Matt&Mike's they served us Ribs, Chicken Parmesan, and a special recipe sisig. I don't normally eat Sisig, but this had no mayonnaise and it was beyond what I could explain. It had the right sweetness and peppery spice to make it a Goldilock's dish for me. I'm seriously going to have some major cravings for when I get to Manila, it's going to be so bad.

Rockerfellar Bistro is the place to be because they have the ultimate package. Ambiance, design, presentation, servings, taste, and service. Again, I'd like to thank the Rockerfellar Bistro for the dinner, we will be needing the energy for the long long night ahead! Let's start with the Ribs again, shall we?

Do like their page on Facebook and make sure to visit them when you happen to visit Ilo-ilo!

This is a healthy pizza put together with a lot of corn, veggies and hidden secrets.

Why forget the chicken wings? I love chicken! Do like their page on Facebook and make sure to visit them when you happen to visit Ilo-ilo!

PRISM is where the first leg of the series of Revival will commence!

Our other friend has finally arrived! Glad to see this crazy girl! It's time to turn it up! We have on the Dj line up; DJ Keith Espanola, DJ Jeb, DJ Aryan, DJ Xavi, DJ Richie, and DJ Aij Diones (also the owner and head chef of Rockerfellar Bistro) Yeah! Follow them cause they are owning those tunes for the night!

Afrique's Pizza served us a farewell lunch as we burn time to wait for our flight back to Manila.

Burger Steak, fancy eh?

Want some more ribs? We weren't sick of it just yet! I'm glad this trip was so jam-packed with spontaneity. I'm really always up for adventure! The food was the main event for me HEHE. I was in great company, I loved all the places I've been to although there are so much more to see! This experience is just one of many more to come! So, stay tuned, if you like Travel posts more, I will definitely make some more!

I'd like to thank again the crew that made it happen! Many big high fives and hugs to the makers of Project X: Electic Summer Revival Producers, Matt&Mike's Restaurant, Rockerfellar Bistro, Afrique's! And everyone else :)

Until the next time! :p

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Boat to Ilo-ilo check the fares SuperCat by 2GO Travel.
The hotel I stayed in Bacolod was L' Fisher Hotel Bacolod (very afforable prices, and great location!)
The hotel I stayed in Ilo-ilo was Iloilo Grand Tower
Transfers by Infante Rental Cars
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