How To Go To Taal Volcano

I can't believe that I just went on a random spontaneous adventure with a friend. All you need is Google to plan a trip! I drove with a good friend of mine. I was so happy we made it! We had so much laughter and silly moments.

I opted to drive so that we may go at our own pace and go wherever we wanted to without worrying about our stuff. So, we took Sta. Rosa exit then go up to Tagaytay until the Rotonda before we headed down to Talisay. I got to say, please be very careful driving on the way down, the road is very narrow and it really has a lot of sharp curves and blind spots. The view is amazing though, you are driving along a cliff! 

I parked my car at a boat rental service, Tantiongco's Resort. When you react the dead end, turn left you'll see it shortly on your right. Contact Marvin Almendras, he is very talkative and kind. Haha! 

Contact 0910-7062788 or 0947-3471604

They offer boat service at 1500 pesos that could fit about 5-7 persons. It's about a 10 minute ride to the port. Before we left, we had food cooked for lunch so when we get back we were ready to munch. Once you arrive you are directed to the Municipality of Talisay to pay 50 pesos Registration Fee. There will be people who would offer you to ride a pony to the top. The hike by foot took about 40 minutes because I really took my time. And it's pretty do-able even without prepping with exercise.

My only tip though is to wear a cap, keep your bag light, and bring water! I was glad I did bring a lot because I was pretty dehydrated on the way up. For those who might have problems with asthma bring a face mask. They sell there too for about 20 pesos a piece. The horses that climb and pass you tend to scatter the dirt and it swirls into little clouds right at your face. I'm glad my friend was such a Tita (auntie) she brought baby wipes so we could clean our face.

The view was amazing! Lighting was so perfect I was burning. There weren't a lot of trees that could offer some shade.

The volcano that we thought was Taal. This is the one we see in Tagaytay, it's a lie! Taal is inside the island.

Climb some more.

Halfway there.

There were a lot of crosses on the way to the top.


So close..

View from the top.

The lake inside of the Volcano.

My buddy and I

I can't believe I just hiked that.

Tourist activity. Throw a golf ball into the lake with a picture. Discount for Filipinos. Bathroom use is 15 pesos.. Or so I've been told.

Enjoying the view. The hard work is over.

Time to go and eat our pre-ordered lunch— Pancit.

Last look.

Talking to tourists on the horses.

That looks like a good spot.

The boat ride made sure you felt the swimming experience you didn't ask for. Hahaha! Not that I'm complaining.

Appreciating the last view towards Taal before we drive on the way back. We were able to shower and settle down before we packed our stuff and headed back to Manila. We started about 6AM so we could have breakfast someplace hearty because we knew we were going to get tired. We got back around 1PM to eat lunch at the boat place. We took our time with the hike and the view but I say it can be done in 4 hours.

If I wasn't particularly chatty with a lot of people, tourists and locals alike. I probably would've gone home earlier too. It was a great experience. I can't wait for more trips like these. Someplace close to nature always calms the nerves. Releases stress and overall is a great memory to have. Until the next time! Bring me to more places Philippines!

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