Solve for Y

Everyday is filled with calculations,
Some part risk with careful computations.
Looking for a purpose, we feel the tension,
Just to make a good impression.

We know the goals, we're ready to pursue,
but somehow we just never follow through.
We know the drill, we have the tools,
Yet why are we waiting like a bunch of fools.

What's stopping you?
We can start anew!

The struggle is knowing how to play your best card,
and it's bound to be very, very hard.
We know a great deal.
But is it worth not making it real?

We sit around waiting,
wishing for an arrival of a great ending.
It's not like we're stepping up,
'cause each day feels like giving up.

It's a choice to make it better,
they say you got to be a go-getter.
Stop pretending to be helpless and cry,
Get out there and solve for Y.

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