Salcedo Saturday Market

Today, we made very wonderful plans of indulging whatever we could put our hands on. It was a good morning to head on over to Salcedo Saturday Market (Near Valero in Makati) to have a hearty brunch with my lady traveler Lady D.

They sell different kinds of food, drinks, plants, and household items.

It was a hot summer day but it was hella worth it!

People in line and the service everywhere was amazing. It usually took 5-10 minutes to get your order done!

Beautiful plants, flowers, and succulents everywhere!

This is where I bought my very own little "air plant" 

First order for the day: Mini Corndogs. An appetizer while we waited for our order at Bun Appetit.

Looked around and almost ended up splurging on things I thought I needed. Haha!

This is the heaven that made us visit the market in the first place.

Lobster Rolls & Mexican Corn. The price is 495. Trust me. It's worth every penny! This can solve world peace kind of wonderful.

Ginger Ale. For 150 pesos.

Shawarma with cheese. A little more munching along the way for 120 pesos.

Japanese Pancake with White Cheese. For only 20 pesos. WHY NOT?

Gyoza. 50 pesos. It was our time to slow down because we were getting full. Pretty good!

Sweet Tapa. Kind of reminds me of home! I was only able to try the free tester because I couldn't anymore.

Last but not the least! Popsicles!

Bubblegum flavored Picolé. This brought out the kid in both of us, really. I now have a new favorite ice cream! 35 pesos.

Hey! Hello! To Thomas!

Looking for flowers.

I got a free baby Pineapple, Joe! Welcome to the family! 

Beautiful thing to bring home isn't it? Never a waste if it makes your day.

Let's head on home ladies!

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