Wisdom of Young Love

Because I could get a little sentimental, that's just part of who I am. Out of all the times I have loved, this is the only quote that could greatly express how I moved on every time.

Of course you never really forget anyone,
but you certainly release them.
You stop allowing their history to have
any meaning on you today.
You let them change their haircut,
let them move,
let them fall in love again.
And when you see this person 
you have to let go,
you realize that there are no reasons
to be sad.
The person you knew exists somewhere,
but you are separated by too much time
to reach them again.

Grabbed from thegoodvibe.co

I remember the first time I loved. You could say that I was really naïve because I was innocent of all the deceit and underlying intentions out there. I just didn't have it, I knew what was pure and real at the time. Don't you just recall that beat of your heart from the excitement of just knowing there's someone out there who loves you after all? Or has all that become just a memory of what never to believe in again?

I believe in love like when we were once young with no foolishness of "compatibility and security." A love that goes beyond if a person is good on paper or not. The search for a gentle soul, who's eager to be whole and responsible for their actions. Someone who will stand by their word, because it is the most valuable entity they own.

There are millions of people out there, what are the chances that I get to meet him sometime soon?
Maybe he might be in the other side of the world, or someplace so close that I haven't quite seen the bigger picture yet. It's always going to be open to question until it's the right time.

Come sooner please, I'm just praying to God right now hoping that you're Italian. Ha ha
A girl can dream, can she? ;)

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