Why We Need To Embrace Being Human

Excerpt from My Journal 12.25'14

People really love to talk. It's a nice alternative to steer them towards topics that excite them. Passion and hobbies —you'll see the tingle in their eyes and the small creases by the side of their mouths before they smile. You'll learn so much too if you ask the right questions.

On most occasions, gossiping is the easiest thing to talk about, to bring someone down, by pointing out their flaws is something that reveals more about the speaker than the subject. It reveals the fear of not being enough, because of the need of affirmation to be the better one.

Most people I know do not confront the person they have issues with, because they're more often than not afraid to hear what the other party will say about them. If you aren't afraid of your failings, only courage will get you to step up and resolve conflicts.

Why can't we change to help one another? Why do we result to backlashing and plastic faces? No one could handle constructive criticism anymore. Why not encourage a proper attitude instead of evading and neglecting confrontation?

I am not perfect myself, and I don't claim to be anything but human too.

But, there is always a proper way of doing things and sure it's easier said than done. Every once in a while we have said the wrong things, done the wrong things, maybe some people take it the wrong way. And it happens.

Learn from that mistake, forgive yourself for being human, forgive others because no one is perfect.

Nothing is ever in our complete control, even the timing will not always be right. But do know, all that ever matters in the world is – a little good and the beauty you can do to make it better.

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