The Short Story of How I Got The Nissan Pao

The story begins back in 2009, I was on my Sophomore year in college. I come home late that day because we were already prepping for the Annual Lantern Parade for U.P. Diliman. (That is another story) I was just in time for dinner so I head on over to the dining room passing the garage on the way up. I see this beautiful tiffany blue vehicle parked inside and it piqued my curiosity. I rush on over upstairs and find my dad, aunt, cousins at the table already starting their meal. I took my place and began,

Me: So, there's a vintage car downstairs, when did you buy the car?
: It's not ours, a friend of mine wanted to park it for the week.
: Nope, that's not true! That's a little risky don't you think? We love vintage cars.
Dad: No, just for the week.

It's been a week. I knew. I didn't assume right away that it was for me though, but the probability of me driving it was a high chance. Later on, my dad had told me it was a BIRTHDAY GIFT. It's been a while since my 18th birthday, so who would've thought that it was an unexpected belated gift?

Years down the line, the car wasn't looking so good.

It is an old car, and it isn’t exactly easy to maintain. The parts had to be shipped from Japan, before we could actually do anything. My dad wanted me to be safe, so he told me, "I’ll fix it from scratch, and it will be perfect.” As soon as everything we needed was in storage, it began.

- Every piece was removed, for it to be thoroughly cleaned and repainted.
- Parts were replaced, there were also some improvisation, like air-conditioning had to be done someplace else.
- Engine put together and also tuned up. I don't know what I'm talking about.
- Looked for new mags: got a Watanabe 18 in. from OLX.
- Customized a sticker for the plastic cover on top for the sun roof.
- Gas.

And we're ready to go! I usually bring this around when there isn't traffic and if the weather is good. I never really enjoyed driving in particular but I thoroughly enjoy only a few material things. This car has a soft spot for me because I am into classic pieces and the color is just so me.  I'm happy that I have this, but overall I really appreciate the opportunity thanks to my Dad. It's not really everyday you get something unique, so it's a healthy reminder to not take anything for granted.

I may talk about this car right now, but I actually am very happy and thankful for my Dad's effort, and nothing else is more important than realizing how far a parent would go to make you happy, no matter what they have to offer.

Anything else you need to know about this car, just contact me or check out Wikipedia!
It's reliable

Have a great day everyone!

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