The Benefits Of Keeping A Journal

Pendant from Ms. JG
I love to collect my thoughts and memories because I'm sentimental. I'd like to just keep writing about all the things in my life whatever it may be.

I've been writing long-hand since I was 7-years-old, though it only really got consistent when I got into High school. I'm pretty intense, I used to write with so much detail no matter how mundane the day is. My explicit detail included seating arrangements, topics of conversations (verbatim), and even facial expressions. I wrote so much that I have the recollection of a day from the moment I wake to the time I sleep.

And I really had a lot to say too.

I still write, but not to the same detail as I used to. I wouldn't even write everyday unless something crossed my mind, or I need to take a load off my head. Lately, it's just been about all the things I'm excited about, or whatever I feel. #blessed #grateful

I got to say, it's different from typing it down, I guess it is just more personal that I'm putting my thoughts into words by writing literally. My pondering mind is making art through not only my words but penmanship as well.

Writing is my open door. Things that I get to say, no-holds-barred. It's everything, it's my safe haven when it gets overwhelming. I don't need correct grammar, (no, you still do) I just go through, finding my own words (lol) even if I make a mistake.

It's life, it happens, we make mistakes, we can't do anything about it because it's done. Imagine your life, just keep writing and creating new parts of your story. Don't stop to analyze the faults, check the bigger picture.

It's not about how much we write-- it's what we write about that makes it meaningful. (I gotta say I ripped this off, I'm pretty sure I heard this somewhere, HAHA)

So, if there's a lesson from this. It's finding your way when the struggle is real. Writing works for me, maybe yours is dancing, singing, running, painting, playing an instrument, (or all of the above) like.. the list is endless, find your way! Show it through any form of expression, because we all have our own story to tell. #wise #damingalam haha!

Have a good day!

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