How To Accept Uncertainty

I have a lot of thoughts, and it feels like there isn't enough time to be able to understand why we have them.

This life only comes along once. Everyday though, we feel as though we have a new beginning, as we always do, like the saying goes. It's easy to take things for granted be it the fundamental needs, experiences, moments, even more so -- people. We grow into our minds and start to believe we are understanding the bigger purpose. The more we think we know, the less we become open to the reality that we're not even reaching the tip of the iceberg of what we call meaning or purpose.

Nothing in this life is certain, and the only thing certain is uncertainty and death. We go on anyway, filling the world with questions that go unanswered. We accumulate the knowledge and a source of security that our humanity has made the norm. Innovations and discoveries get bashed by a community that doesn't understand it even one bit, fearing the unknown and turn defensive.

There is a pride in identity, we go about a standard and slowly build your own rules. Unwilling to admit that everything is complex and simple. Proud to be aware of your inner mind? voice? but then be extremely frustrated that nothing it says makes sense.

Don't worry, I get anxiety a lot when I don't even get my own thoughts. My expectation and reality will never merge, and I know that part. I also know Socrates said, "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." So keep your mind open, life will always surprise you. Whether you like it, or not.

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